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Sweet Grass Cakes, Cupcakes, Frosted Cookies

If you’ve never tasted a Sweet Grass cake or cupcake, you don’t know what you’ve been missing! Only the freshest ingredients are used to produce the uniquely designed and delectably delicious cakes and cupcakes Sweet Grass is known for.  "One reason everybody loves our frosting is because we have a special recipe for our frostings," says Heather. 

Each cake is individually created and designed specifically for your special occasion. Choose from six flavors, and if a filled cake is your delight, you can take your pick of seven tasty fruit or cream fillings.

Choose from 6 Basic Cake Favors




Red Velvet


German Chocolate

Fill any Cake with a Yummy Filling

Basic Cake Pricing

Wedding cakes start at $60 (plain 2-tiered)


Birthday and other special occasion cakes start at $20 for a 1/4 sheet (9 x 13) with plain frosting and message (i.e. Happy Birthday) and $30 decorated


1/2 sheet cakes start at $30 and $40 decorated.


NOTE: Decorating prices may vary due to complexity of design.






Bavarian Cream

Chocolate Mousse​

So when planning your next event–birthday, shower, wedding, graduation, anniversary, or whatever the happy occasion–let Sweet Grass create the special cake sure to be a wonderful addition to your celebration–one that is part of the memories for years to come!

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Frosted Cookies

Whether it is decorated or just a plain frosted cookie you can't eat just one. In fact, these cookies have become so popular in addition to decorating them we just started frosting them.


This cookie is a great complement to our almond frosting that was perfected over 15 years ago. When you want a treat for a special occasion, get frosted cookies in a decorated form that tastes as good as they look.


Great for weddings, showers and more.

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