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One Sweet

Party & Event Room

Sweet Grass Party Room Decoration
Seizing an Opportunity
Unique in Every Way
Introducing our party room

Unique features abound, with nearly everything in the room salvaged from auctions, garage sales, and consignment stores. An antique metal windmill previously stored in Heather’s basement for years, old windows, and every kind of decorative item imaginable, along with splashes of turquoise, greens, yellow, amidst coppers and tin, brick and wood, and even animal skins and furry fabrics, all come together to make the Sweet Grass Party Room a warm and inviting place to have your next get-together. 

Whether you are planning a bridal or baby shower, a wedding rehearsal dinner, a holiday party, or an event for your business or organization, we've got what you need, our party room is the best place around!


The room seats 40-45 people comfortably, and has a well-stocked bar in the corner.

Transforming the backroom

Heather and her employees took advantage of the opportunity COVID-19 provided to complete this exquisite room makeover project during the months they were closed in 2020. Their labor of love, grit, and persistence resulted in what Heather calls “The gift that came out of COVID.”


The girls went through three different ideas in the process of refurbishing the ceiling. Heather was hoping to paint them to match the tiles at the front of the building; however, they were too chipped up for that. Then they thought of stripping them but decided that would take forever. In the end, all the old tiles were sanded with a drill and wire brush, then trimmed with old barn wood. The effect is quite stunning when finished off with a one-of-a-kind chandelier creatively crafted from old-fashioned lamp shades.


Choosing to panel the upper walls in one corner of the room with old doors turned out to be a perfect solution to covering up the wall without having to sheetrock. The delightful odds and ends artfully arranged atop the old doors lends a whimsical effect to the entire room.


Adding tin to the upper portion of another wall, the clever use of painted walls adorned with old signs and other memorabilia, and a couple of cozy sitting areas adds even more charm to the fun environment.


The transformation is unbelieveable! You’ve really got to come see it for yourself!

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